Homeschool Classes 

Our homeschool classes meet each Monday and are now set up for monthly enrollment.

The class schedule and topics covered vary from month to month, but may include Grammar, Reading & Art, Clay Creations, Intro to the Pottery Wheel, Steam, Craft and Decor, & more!

Lunch is at 11:30. Students who are registered for classes before and after lunch may stay at the studio between those classes and eat a lunch or snack that is sent with them. 

6 students max per class. 

Check our schedule-of-events and social media for special homeschool classes, minicamps, and discounts!


Class Descriptions


Reading & Art

Each class, we read a story, poem, or book chapter, and then we enrich the story by working on art projects related to what we've read. 

Grammar & Learning Games

Students in this class learn about the parts of speech, punctuation, and word usage. 


Clay Creations

This course examines the components of clay, the firing process, handbuilding techniques, glazing techniques, and sculptures made from various media.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math. We explore the scientific method by completing a new experiment each week.